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Library fund

The scope of the library collection amounts to 40,500 (rounded up as at 31 March 2014) of the volumes and is divided into two basic parts: collection ones and specialized ones. The collections are divided into historical collections (manuscripts, incunabula and old prints, including periodicals, other preservation funds including periodicals) and regional literature (4 165 pp., Not yet included in historical funds 1801-1860). Specialized section is focused on on specialized literature and periodicals. From 1 July 2014, an online catalog of the specialized library fund, in which there is still a small part of the fund, has been put into operation and the catalog is continuously updated. The library cooperates with the Comprehensive Catalog of the Czech Republic.

Among the interesting features of the collection of manuscripts (220 vol.) belong, for example, the Marian tract attributed to Arnošt of Pardubice from the second half of the 14th century, the graduate Jakub of Pilsen from 1537 - 1544 made for the literary brotherhood working at the birch of the dean´s church in Most called „an unfortunate hymn“, or the book of the master examinations of the guild of the Mostor tailor from 1576 to the first half of the 19th century. The oldest inkunabula (9 vol.) Is the Bible printed in Nuremberg in 1478. All specimens are in Latin.

In the collection of old prints (prints from 1800 to 1868) the literature focusing on religion, natural science, medicine, history, law, educational dictionaries, etc., prevails and corresponds to the focus of libraries which were their original owners (monasteries, ...). Among the interesting prints are, for example, works by most important Litvinov personalities: Jiří Pontan (J. Barthold from Breitenberk), Jakub Pontan (J. Spannmüller), Westonie (Elizabeth Johanny Weston) and Adauct Voigt. Literature is prevalent in German, Latin, Czech, and less French. In the fund of the other preservation fund (historical prints from 1801 to 1860, other interesting and rare prints) there is still mainly literature related to national revival and literature focused on history, natural sciences and educational dictionaries.

Collection of Regional Literature (after 1861) maps the regions of Most, Litvínov, Krušné hory, Bohemian Central Mountains, generally and whole northern Bohemia in the borders of the former North Bohemian Region and the adjacent part of Saxony. Particular attention is paid to the history of mining in the entire Podkrušnohorské Basin and documentation of the development of the Czech-German relations of the population in the border regions. One of the attractions is, for example, a sample tower for the production of Krušné Mountain toys from the toy shop in Horni Jiřetín in 1870. Regular periodicals also belong to this fund.

In the specialized literature collection (including non-collections of regional literature, periodicals and even non-collecttive regional ones), the most important are the fields of geography, geography, history, auxiliary sciences of history, history of art, ethnography, history of science and technology focused mainly on mining, encyclopaedia and educational dictionaries, biographies of prominent personalities, natural sciences mainly geology and paleontology, botany, zoology, nature conservation. Among the interesting and broader parts of the fund belong books such as numismatics, musicology, art history, literature mapping the history of World War II and zoology. Specialized (specialist) periodicals correspond to their focus on specialized literature. The most frequently represented are periodicals from the fields of history, auxiliary sciences of history, art and zoology. After 1974, when the first issue of the Proceedings of the District Museum in Most was published, a number of scientific journals were opened, the library was able to acquire, in addition to domestic and foreign periodicals (mainly focused on ornithology and entomology).