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Collections of Regional Museum in Most

The collection of the museum nature of the OMM has been registered in the Central Register of Collections at the Ministry of Culture (CES) since 2 October 2002 and contains 34 460 (31 March 2016) registration numbers (approximately 170 000 thousand items) divided into 21 sub-collections, of which at least 3 have their value nationwide. The basis of the collection of the Regional Museum in Most was created by the collections of the town Museum in Most and the Podkrušnohorský Museum in Most. The collection was supplemented in the form of donations (eg J. K. Beer Fund), own collection, property transfers and also purchases.

In the mid-1960s, the town Museum in Horní Litvínov was merged with the District Museum in Most and the National Geography Museum in the St. Catherine Mountain. The collections also come from other subjects such as the Minorite Monastery, the Piarist College in Most, the estate of Ulrika von Levetzow, etc. Science collections come from the collections of the Brown Coal Research Institute and DG SHD's specialist training collections, in addition to the above-mentioned funds. The objects in the collection mostly come from the region of Most. The part of the fund, however, originates beyond the boundaries of the region and, in addition to objects originating in various places of the Czech Republic, also includes objects from different countries of Europe, including Asia or Africa. The collection of historical furniture is published in the project eCollection - Cultural Heritage Online.