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Permanent expositions


Baroness Ulrika von Levetzow 1804 – 1899
The exhibition is devoted to the brief biography of Baroness Ulrika von Levetzow, her closest family, the castle in Trebišov and the fate of her estate. This Mecklenburg noblewoman has become a part of the history of the 19th century as the last great love of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. The love of a twenty-seven-year-old poet to a seventeen-year-old girl, who inspired him to write one of the most impressive love poems of all time "Elegie", and the fact that Ulrika had died at an advanced age did not give birth to a legend of romantic unfulfilled love. Ulrika von Levetzow spent most of her life in Bohemia at the Třebívlice Chateau in Litoměřice. Soon after her death, her nephew sold the entire estate to the town of Most, even with part of her estate, which was then acquired by the town museum in Most. The identified and preserved part of this estate is exposed in the existing exhibition located in two rooms. In the first, you can briefly get acquainted with the baron's biography. Originals and copies of documents and photographs are accompanied by small items from her estate, including the preserved part of Třebívlice chateau library. In the second part, there is the equipment of the so-called Goethe room, otherwise called after the post-death Ulrich Room, which was originally located atTřebívlice Chateau.